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1Synchronize To The Shelter
5More Than Just Described
6The Last Road To The Silver Giant
7To The Tightness
8My Words Are Not Enough
9I Am Who
10Stay For Hire
11World Says Words


On June 28, 2020 BLACKTAR is released.

The album tells the story of a man who, after living 13 years in debauchery and drug abuse and getting out of it, seeks his redemption and social reintegration, accompanied by the difficulties and aftermath that addiction has brought, leaving him deeply marked.

“BLACKTAR is not a hymn to the consumption of substances, it is rather an in-depth analysis of the emotions experienced by the protagonist, who tries to dissect that part of life consumed in a swing of ups and downs, in an attempt to understand himself, the differences between him and the world around him, make peace with all that has been lost and find new meaning in his life.”

It is in fact in this path of understanding that the protagonist establishes a relationship with the concept of “addiction” and how much drugs have in common with any other type of need or mania, fully understanding the feelings of loss that led him to enter within a “protection from inadequacy”.

BLACKTAR is an album of reflection that if on the one hand it speaks of the residues of drug addiction with all the facets of despair and defeat, on the other it sees the hope of man to be able to conquer a new place in his soul, where he can live peacefully, internalizing and exorcising all the ghosts that gave rise to the path of destruction and accepting the scars that remain.

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